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Designed to navigate life and bits of paper, fyio app is proud to be working in partnership with the Royal Marines Charity. 

Our lives are described and defined by paperwork. Keeping documents safe and found is one of the most important things you can do to keep your life in order, and to protect you and the people who matter to you. 

Next steps

Download fyio app from the App Store or Google Play using promo code FYIORMA2022 to benefit from 90 days completely free access and a special RMA subscription thereafter.

Switch on notifications so you know when someone wants to share a document.

Start small

Upload what matters to you most whether your passport, festival tickets, or the dog’s worming schedule. Set renewal dates and reminders, and add a note.

If you want to, these can now be shared securely.

Make fyio a daily habit, snapping and saving paperwork as it comes in. 

fyio app is uniquely simple, accessible, and secure, and is protected by the same advanced encryption standard used by the US Government to protect its classified information.

NOTE: Once paperwork is safe and found in fyio, most originals can be discarded but certain key documents such as passports or birth certificates must be kept in their original format. Always check before discarding a document.

“As life goes back to some normality after Covid but where we are likely to be working more flexibly, we just can’t be caught out not having those vital documents with us.”

Major General Seumas Kerr CBE, chairman, fyio