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The Royal Marines Association provides a national support and social network for you and your family, whatever stage you are at in your life and your Royal Marines career.

With your membership you'll receive: a membership card, access to our events, and member-only offers and services.

Full member

Anyone who serves or has served in the Royal Marines/Royal Marines Reserve/Royal Marines Band Service in a Royal Marines unit or filled a line number in a Royal Marines unit (including any qualified Commando, MARWREN or other serviceman), regardless of length of service.

Associate member

Anyone who is the parent, spouse/civil partner or child of a Full Member; this can be extended to grandparents or carers who have raised the Royal Marine, and grandchildren being raised by the former Royal Marine. Must be sponsored by a Full Member.

Any graduates of the All-Arms Commando Course, and their immediate family, may become an Associate Member.

Supporting member

For those who do not have a direct relation to a Royal Marine can still apply to be a Supporting Member.

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